Patron's Pick... For Murder

Join our Death Day Players in our second Mystery of the year at the Orlando Fringe Festival. PURCHASE TICKETS HERE, or click the banner above.
We will be joining forces with other Fringe artists to perform Patron's Pick... For Murder, an interactive Murder Mystery featuring cast members from our Death Day Players Troupe who will take on roles of stereotypical Fringe Patrons where you will have to decide who killed our featured Fringe Artist each show. Featuring a unique atmosphere, this will be unlike any Murder Mystery you have been to, and requires only as much interaction as you choose. If you wish to stand back and watch, you will still have the same chance of guessing the killer correctly.
For more information on our Cast, Crew, and Featured Fringe Artists keep scrolling down. You will also find FAQs about the show and experience below.

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If you have any questions about our show, check out our FAQs below. If your questions cannot be answered there, contact us using the same methods as above. 

Creative Team and Cast

Patron's Pick... for Murder created by Mallory Vance & Megan Markham
Directed by Mallory Vance
Set and Props by Ginger Potter and Mary Hosford

Venue Captain played by Mallory Vance
Tech Team played by Ginger Potter and Mary Hosford

Second Weekend (Cerulean) Cast

Superfan played by Allison Cain
Collaborator played by Logan Blake
Competition played by Lars Carlile
Critic played by Jason Laramee
Visiting Friend played by Megan Penfield

First Weekend (Mauve) Cast

Superfan played by Leanna Bailey
Collaborator played by Megan Markham
Competition played by Michelle Papaycik
Critic played by Jackie Cunningham
Visiting Friend played by Amber Fitzsimmons

To learn more about our cast click here

Featured Fringe Artist Line-up

Click on the Artist's name/show to learn more about their show

Friday May 18th, 6:00PM features Tim Hoffman with The Great & Powerful Tim Saves Christmas
Saturday May 19th 5:00PM features some of the cast from F*ckboys: The Musical
Sunday May 20th 4:00PM features Al Lafrance with I Think I'm Dead

Friday May 25th, 6:00PM features Theresa Leigh Smith-Levin with Save Me, Dolly Parton
Saturday May 26th, 5:00PM features Polly Esther with Dammit, Jim! I'm a Comedienne, Not a Doctor!
Sunday May 27th, 4:00PM features Katie Thayer with Beneath the Bikini

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Patron's Pick... for Murder is an interactive Murder Mystery featuring visiting Fringe Artists presented as a Bring Your Own Venue, site specific show at the 2018 Orlando Fringe Festival. 


Our show takes place at "the Tree by the Firehouse Museum." Go into the courtyard at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater (follow signs for the Red Venue), and then walk across the courtyard and up the ramp that is to the left of the Firehouse Museum. This will bring you to the open space we will be utilizing for the show.

When is the Show?

Our show is only playing certain times on the weekends of Fringe (Friday-Sunday). See the list below for specific showtimes.
Click on the showtime you'd like to be brought to the ticketing website.

Friday May 25th, 6:00PM
Saturday May 26th, 5:00PM
Sunday May 27th, 4:00PM


$10 Ticket, plus a Fringe Button (Buttons are $10 and let you see any show playing at the festival)

Interactive Murder Mystery?

Yes, an Interactive Murder Mystery. With our Death Day Players troupe, Phoenix Tears productions has reformatted your typical Murder Mystery to let our audience become part of the action. Our shows give the audience a recreation of the events leading up to the death of our featured player, at which time we stop the action and allow you to ask our actors, in character, any questions you have about what happened during the evening. We try to structure our shows to appeal to people who like interactive theater AND people who aren't fond of it. It is an excellent stepping stone into Interactive theater, as you can choose to just stand back and watch the action taking place, and still get enough information to make a good guess of who the killer was.
To read more about how we run our Death Day Players Mysteries, CLICK HERE.

Will I be assigned a role?

No, our Mysteries center around our own cast of characters and bring you into the action as spectators that would be at whatever setting the show takes place in. In this case, you are there as an audience member for a "One Man Show" presented by a Guest Fringe Artist.

I heard there were prizes?

Yes. During the interview period, we ask people to cast their votes for who they think the murderer is. Once all the votes have been cast, we have someone draw a name from the killer's jar and that person wins a prize. Typically part of the prize is our murder weapon.

Mauve and Cerulean Casts?

We have double cast the show to utilize all of our Death Day Players troupe and to give our actors an easier schedule commitment. Each weekend will feature a different cast named for our made-up Fringe Venues, Mauve and Cerulean. Be sure to come back both weekends to see all our actors take on these roles and interact with our featured Fringe Artists that change every show.