Meet our Core Team Members


Mallory Vance

Artistic Director for Phoenix Tears Productions. She began penning her first stories almost as soon as she could write and wrote her first parody, to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, when she was seven. Her love of theater took only slightly longer to develop, coming on full force when her third grade teacher did a unit on plays. Rather than picking one for her group to perform Mallory wrote a show for her and her friends, and that was that. She filled notebook after notebook and then document after document with stories and scripts and song lyrics. She convinced--or in the case of her younger brother, coerced--her friends and family into performing her shows, singing songs, and shooting short films. In the early days Mallory was even in some of her productions, but she was never quite happy in the limelight. Then in 2009, at a Harry Potter fan conference in San Francisco, Mallory met Lena Gabrielle. Together they decided to write a full length musical adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The Final Battle, and Mallory's passion for directing, was born.
The rest, as they say, is history.



Technical Director for Phoenix Tears Productions. Ginger’s life in the theatre and arts began from the moment she left the hospital and went straight to the theatre before heading home. Her biggest inspirations as a child were her family, who participated in all aspects of performing arts media, and Jo March, from Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Ginger loved to write, perform, direct and produce short films, plays, and themed events while forcing her siblings and friends to participate in her creations. She did it so often her father and grandmother put together spaces for her to utilize, first with a puppet theater and then turning the back porch into a stage with homemade curtains. Growing up in musical theatre, Ginger frequently found herself combining her favorite show tunes and her favorite fictions by rewriting the lyrics. Ginger graduated from Los Angeles City College Technical Theater Academy in 2003, worked as Lead Painter, Light Board Operator, Prop Master, Stage Manager, and Assistant Technical Director for the Stepping Stone Players from 2001-2010, and worked in the theatre and visual merchandising departments at American Girl Place in Los Angeles and New York. After meeting Mallory and Lena, Ginger realized she could make her own path in the creative world changing her course forever.



Public Relations Director for Phoenix Tears Productions. She has been involved with Phoenix Tears since before the phoenix cried. In 2009 she auditioned for Mallory and Lena Gabrielle’s musical The Final Battle and was cast as Young Lily Evans. In the ten years since then, she has graduated high school & college and been in over 15 productions with Phoenix Tears. She has written multiple shows with the company including Stardust Kingdom & co-written The War: An Immersive Audio Drama, Fictional First Dates, and Patron’s Pick for Murder. As the social media maven for the company Meg runs Phoenix Tears’ Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, and Facebook. Meg is determined to work with her sudo-sister Mallory, fiancee Amanda, and her lovely friends for as long as they are willing to put up with her.


Mary Hosford

Production Manager for Phoenix Tears Productions. She became involved with Phoenix Tears during their first official production, Marian: Lost in Fiction at LeakyCon 2014, her first ever convention. Having gone to Stephens College in Columbia, MO for a degree in Technical Theatre, she figured, what the hell, and that she'd much rather be working a show during the convention than just attending, and boy was she ever right. Fates turned in her favor when just a few months after LeakyCon she got a job as a Theatre Technician at Disney's Hollywood Studios and moved down to Orlando from her home state of Vermont--reuniting her once more with many of the Phoenix Tears crew. In the realm of theatre, Mary would consider herself a Jack of All Trades, although much of her experience is focused around lighting having worked as the Master Electrician for the Des Moines Metro Opera and Northern Stage. She has also spent time with the Utah Shakespeare Festival as an Audio Technician as well as the Tour Technical Director for their Educational Tour. Her passion in theatre, however, lies within the realm of Production Management so she is very pleased to be able to stretch that muscle and build those skills among friends with Phoenix Tears Productions. Solving problems and making things work despite the odds is her specialty--The Show Must Go On.