About Phoenix Tears

Phoenix Tears Productions is a women-run, small Orlando based Theatre Company that has presented fandom based shows at conventions around the country. Along with their convention shows, they also produce shows in various venues around Central Florida including the Orlando Fringe Festival in 2016 and 2017. You can also find them producing two ongoing projects, Ten Minute Tuesdays and the Death Day Players. Ten Minute Tuesdays is a project that takes place once a month and features three 10-minute stories written and submitted to them by playwrights around the world. The Death Day Players is a Murder Mystery series created by Phoenix Tears and customizable for your event. If you would like to learn more about any of their projects or upcoming events, visit their website at phoenixtearsproductions.com.

Mission Statement

Phoenix Tears Productions is dedicated to promoting new voices in performance arts and to providing them a platform to express their creativity. We strive to produce new content that feeds the creative mind and welcomes all artists, actors, directors, writers, and designers to join our team.
We are more than just a production company, we are a community. Phoenix Tears Productions works to promote not just our own productions, but also the projects of those around us. Above all else we strive to cultivate and grow the arts in our community. A rising tide raises all boats.

A Brief History

Once Upon A Time--or in July 2010 if you want to get technical about it--Mallory Vance and Ginger Potter met in real life. Orlando, home to the newly minted Wizarding World of Harry Potter, was also playing host to a Harry Potter fan conference called Infinitus. Our heroes were in attendance because they were both on a mission to save the world--or at least to save a large group of convention attendees from boredom. They were part of the crew of The Final Battle, a full length fan musical based on the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Mallory was the co-writer and director, Ginger was the lighting designer. Their meeting was nothing short of destiny.

Of course it took our heroes almost three years to realize what that destiny actually was. They participated together in several shows in the interim years, The Warlock's Hairy Heart, The Untold Tale of Beedle the Bard, Mischief Managed; all performed at various Harry Potter fan conventions. Then, in 2013, our heroes were left without a conference show. Instead of slowly descending into madness, which is what you would expect to happen, they discovered their destiny.

They began to talk to each other about creative projects. First novels, then web series, and eventually stage productions. From these first brainstorming sessions several amazing projects were born. The first of which was Marian: Lost In Fiction. This show, the first true collaboration between our heroes, premiered at LeakyCon 2014, once again in Orlando. The success of the show buoyed our heroes and they made the decision to go into business together. With a dash of social media know how from reoccurring actress, Megan Markham, Phoenix Tears Productions was born. Now the company, with the help of Mary Hosford, stage manager and wise advisor, regularly puts on productions in the Orlando area and at various conventions around the country.