Enter the land of Stardust with us at Orlando Fringe!


This year Phoenix Tears Productions is excited to present two immersive audio dramas at Orlando Fringe. With nothing more than a smartphone and a pair of headphones we will transform the area around Loch Haven Park into the magical Stardust Kingdom. During the day you can journey into Stardust Kingdom with a pirate or a fairy as they learn important lessons on a heartwarming kid friendly mission to defeat an evil queen.
In Stardust After Dark, which takes place in the evenings, you will encounter a different side of those same two characters as they invite you to shed the mortal world and come and join them in an 18+ celebration full of pixie dust, rum, and the seductive call of a Siren.

Below we have a list of possible questions you may have. If your question is not addressed in the list below, please feel free to contact us with any questions via our contact tab on this website, or email us at info@phoenixtearsproductions.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Stardust Kingdom and Stardust After Dark are Bring Your Own Venue, site specific shows at the 2017 Orlando Fringe Festival.

How many shows are there?

There are two show listings, Stardust Kingdom during the day  and Stardust After Dark in the evenings.
However, you have the opportunity to experience 4 different journeys. During the day there are two journeys you can take, both of which share a finale. At night, there are also two journeys you can take, again ending with a shared finale. 

What is the difference day to night?

During the day the show is cute, heartwarming, and appropriate for all ages. 
At night the show is 18+ and downright scandalous. 

What is the same about the two shows?

They are both immersive audio dramas that walk the Orlando Urban Trail and follow a fairy and pirate played by Megan Markham and Michael Cornella.

How does the Audio Work?

Either you will bring your own headphones, or borrow some from us. Everyone will scan a QR code and press play on the tracks at the same time. 
A limited number of iPods and sound splitters will be available for those without smartphones.

Immersive audio drama?

With the sounds of our world all around you, and the physical actors interacting with you directly, you will feel fully immersed in Stardust.
Your interaction is what makes the show happen. That being said, all nighttime interactions must be consented to by means of an opt-out glow bracelet.

Immersion sounds scary...What is this Opt-out Glow Bracelet?

If you decide that seeing Stardust After Dark is enough for you and you do not want to be touched by our actors, we will give you a glow bracelet for each wrist. Actors will not touch you if you have your wrists concealed or if you are wearing the bracelets. 

When is the Show?

Our show is only playing certain times on the weekends of Fringe (Friday-Sunday). See the list below for specific showtimes.
Click on the showtime you'd like to be brought to the ticketing website.


$6 Ticket, plus a Fringe Button (Buttons are $10 and let you see any show playing at the festival)


We begin at the Rocket Thrower statue which is near the beer tent. 
During the day our Fairy and Pirate will be at Kids Fringe by the Fire Museum and will lead groups over to the Rocket Thrower.